"Patricio Quintana" Musician recognized with great skill on the piano who has participated in various shows both as a soloist and has shared stages with national and international renowned artists

Music is the light that can only be seen from the depths of the heart, because it is with the eyes of the soul that we can approach its magical harmonies, it is that perhaps by listening to the interpretation of Pato Quintana we can understand the dimension of this truth,

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Songs "Patricio Quintana"

1. Lucía
2. She's like de Wind
3. La Bohemia
4. Mix Latino
5. Seré
6. Bésame mucho
7. My Way
8. Strangers in the night
9. Granada
10. La Cumparsita
11. Feelings
-Joan Manuel Serrat
-Patrick Swayze
-Charles Aznavour
-Consuelo Velásquez
-Paul Albert Anka
-Frank Sinatra
-Agustín Lara
-Carlos Gardel
-Morris Albert
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